ANNA Media transformed my business, and my life. Before I met this team, I was struggling with how to market my products online. With physical stores doing business for 25 years, I was feeling the pressure to move my business forward using social media, e-commerce, and email subscriptions. I thought I could do it myself with the help of traditional media outlets and the vast expertise out there on the web. I had so many sales pitches, so many promises, so much misleading information to filter through; after awhile, the only thing that was growing was my frustration. I wondered when or if I would see anything meaningful.

As many salespeople do request to meet, I agreed to meet with Mari and I am so thankful that I did. I realized very quickly that Mari was not there to waste her time or mine. Why? Because she showed me and she had proof with her own business that the formula she had put together works. Her one page model had me instantly intrigued. She provided me with exactly what I need to do and what I would get as a result. She shared her stories about what not to do based on actual experience. She saved me a lot of time, money, and heartache. And after a short time of preparation, about 3 weeks, which would have taken me about 5 years, I have a professional e-commerce store with the best graphics on the web, a quality social media presence, a blog, a newsletter, and a back-end planner to keep it all circulating. Plus, I have Mari encouraging and teaching me along the way. She has not left my side as we launch and is there to answer all my questions. She understands my needs, goals, and level of learning. I feel so free to be able to focus on my customers, my products, and my sales.

My staff and I could not be more proud. Mari has captured the entity of my brand and has brought this forward for the world to see online. Mari is an absolute pleasure to work with. She listens, is honest, caring, and truly talented with a gift to share. Like I said, Mari has transformed my business, and my life.
— Wendy Vigfusson, Gimli Fish

What can I say, other than it looks good enough to eat... and the story brings romance back to pork.
— Kelly Funke, Manitoba Pork

Excellent Work. We have had thousands of comments from customers praising the quality and content of our new digital model. I have done a lot of marketing over the years and your meticulous attention to detail is what separates us from the rest.
— Tom De Nardi, De Nardi and Mondo Foods
Mari has a keen eye for design. With her refined, timeless approach, she directs her team to develop and execute world-class projects for their clients. 
— Belinda Albo, Belinda Albo Design Studio

We had over 300 people at our Toronto grand opening event and the ANNA team was intimately involved in making it very special. They complemented the space and our team beautifully. We were talking about it over breakfast the next morning - the breadth and fabulous array of delicious food and the gracious service. Simply wonderful. Thank you!
— Eric Lind, President, Lutron Electronics Co., Inc.

We always see a steady stream of buying customers coming in and asking for products ANNA promotes.
— Hilary Druxman

I’m a creative copywriter at a great Canadian ad agency. Last year one of my clients, I won’t name who - but let’s just say they make something you can slice, grate, grill, cube, cut it into wedges and it comes from cows - wanted to place a print campaign in Canadian culinary magazines. Canadian Living came to mind instantly, along with a bunch of other dusty, dowdy, dated periodicals that clutter our culinary landscape.

But then I was introduced to ANNA. Quel surprise! First of all I couldn’t believe this collection of delectable design and refreshingly contemporary content was “made in Canada”. The clean, simple, modern, less-is-more aesthetic was to-die- for. And the irresistible full-page layouts serving up just one juicy headline were so irresistible. It was all too delicious!

So, I signed up immediately and told all my friends.
Now I pour over the pages and savor each issue. The irony? I love to create but alas, I am not a great cook. And although I’ve devoured pages and pages of recipes I’ve only ever made a few of the dishes. But I will. And in the meantime I read and learn, love and appreciate that out of Winnipeg Canada, comes a most surprising treat.
— Andrea Usher-Jones, Copy Writer

When I see people walking through the store looking for products ANNA promotes, I know our campaign was a success.
— Marco De Luca, De Luca's Specialty Foods